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Empowering Disciples to be Overcomers...




  1. of undisputed origin; genuine.

  2. made or done in the traditional or original way.

  3. based on facts; accurate and reliable.

What started out as your traditional modern church was forever changed…

Our story is one of divine discontent… a discontentment with the status quo.  A desire to do more than produce believers in Christ, but to find a way to transform those believers into real, authentic DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ.  Disciples who learn how to interact with Christ daily… Disciples who know how to walk in the Spirit… Disciples who are so transformed by the power of God that they have learned how to Overcome every obstacle that they face.  Spiritually.  Mentally.  Racially.  Financially.  Relationally.  Disciples so in tune with God that He teaches them whatever they need to know whenever they need to know it.

We began to understand that to produce this result, we had to get back to the original blueprint for the church.  We had to get back to the Book of Acts… I Corinthians 14…  And there we experienced our epiphany…

No longer would we settle for just going through the religious motions and traditions.  No, we wanted to see God raise up Authentic Disciples.  Men and women who do not attend church just to be entertained by music and emotional speakers… We needed more… We NEED more…

So we gather now with the intent to let God use EVERY MEMBER of the Body of Christ to minister, not just the charismatic few, but all who God would wish to use.  And together we GROW! 

We invite you: Come and See!

Try it for yourself.  See what doing church authentically can produce in your life… your family… Let it produce an overcomers mindset in you!

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